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Acoustron is:

  • A simple yet bold concept: Your guitar unleashes your music.
  • Translucent Tone®.
  • Effects sounding fuller, more lush.
  • Creating the most harmonically rich sound possible with the greatest
  • amount of sustain and ring. No guitar or bass guitar can equal the sustain of Acoustron.
  • Amplifiers sounding larger, more powerful
  • Speakers having a tonefulness you didn’t know they could have.
  • Complexity that springs effortlessly from simplicity.
  • An expanded range of sounds and tones unmatched by any other instrument.
  • A heightened sense of string attack.
  • Increased responsiveness to fingering techniques.
  • Eliminating any feature that distracts from the art of your playing.
  • The option of having no volume control to reduce sustain and dampen ring.
  • The option of having no switches to add noise.
  • The option of having no tone controls to dull treble.
  • Sleek, uncluttered stage presence.
The Translucent Tone® of Acoustron is our description of how “acoustic-y” (clear) or how “electric-y” (opaque) an Acoustron guitar sounds. Each instrument comes with a tag that shows how translucent its tone is. There’s a perfect Translucent Tone® for every style, every genre, every guitarist.

You can customize The Translucent Tone® of Acoustron infinitely through the use of effects, amplifiers and speakers. You don’t have to be limited artistically by a strong tonality that sounds perfect only with a limited number of effects, amplifiers or speakers.

The Translucent Tone of Acoustron unlimits your tone — there truly is no limit to what you’ll be able to do with your tone. Become thoroughly acquainted with the sound of your Acoustron. Play it through every effect, every amplifier. You’ll enjoy taking your artistry to an entirely new level.
The heart of every Acoustron is its sensor. Presently, Acoustron guitars one one or more of our Patent Pending and Patent Applied For sensor technologies.

The Variable Magnetic Shunt, VMS, sensor precisely focuses a magnetic field across the strings. VMS converts the motion of the strings, both laterally and vertically, into an extremely clean and detailed output signal, rich with harmonics extending past 30,000 Hz - far more than any other electric guitar technology. VMS is unrivaled in its pick attack, finger detail, harmonic content and true sustain. Our QuadriBass and K-Bass bass guitars feature the VMS.

The SAMIS (Sealed Accelerometer & Magnetic Influence Sensor) combines a vibration sensor for the bodies’ vibrations and a dynamic sensor to capture the motion of the strings. SAMIS provides a traditional high-impedance output for direct compatibility with traditional amplifiers and effects pedals. It offers the widest range of tones, and is our most-affordable operating system.

The Magic Crystal combines the transparency of piezo pickups with the convenience of traditional high-impedance output and a wide variety of tone stacks and volume controls. Better yet, no battery is required because the Magic Crystal circuitry eliminates the need for built-in electrics. Now you can have the sound that piezo pickup systems promise without the noise, brittleness, shrillness and thinness that many players criticize.

Most Acoustrons’ signal output is average, not extremely loud nor overly soft. Acoustrons using the VMS sensor are distinguished by a low-impedance output through an XLR connector, and are meant to connect directly to the microphone inputs of your digital interface, mixing console or boutique preamplifier.

Acoustron is designed not to overload most amplifier inputs, giving you clean tone. If you want to overload the amplifier inputs, we recommend a booster pedal. Try a silicon transistor for traditional overdrive, a germanium transistor for sweet and gritty tone, a vacuum tube for rich, thick saturation; or an opamp-based booster for absolute shredding solos.

Or, get one of each and have a wide variety at your fingertips.